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Are you an agent or small business owner? Leasing a Community Site is an easy way to make extra money PLUS you can promote your own business!

Best of all it is turn-key and will take you less than 4 hours a week, because we do all the work!

What's Included With Your Community:

Your Local Site:

  • Events

  • News

  • Home Search

  • Local Businesses

  • Local Utilities

  • HOA Information


  • Turn-key Setup

  • Site Maintenance

  • Sponsor Billing

  • Sponsor Set-up

  • Site Content

  • Concierge Support


  • Home Directory Ads

  • Marketing Team

  • Graphic Designers

  • Google Business

  • Social Media Accts

  • Multi-media Options


  • Get 50% site income

  • Get 20 % on your sales

  • Affilate Mgmt

  • Regional sales income

  • Get 10% site referrals

  • Paid out monthly!

Real Estate Agents

This Video Is For YOU!

This opportunity is perfect for real estate agents. You can capture buyers with community home searches, be the local expert to attract sellers, and connect to local business owners!

Instead of PAYING to farm a community, you can actually MAKE MONEY from other sponsors on the site like lending, insurance, contractors, title, restaurants, and retail locations.

Your Community Site

Digital real estate is a well-established concept for lead generation. We have taken it to the next level by providing the management, marketing and sales to help with you with your the local site. We added in a nation Home Directory and social media lead integration to create win-win opportunities in your community.

Local Community Sites

Here is your opportunity to lease a turn-key community site that supports YOUR local community and businesses. Check out and to see examples of different types of sites.

  • Unlimited income potential - you make money from other sponsors on the site. 50% for paid sponsors on your site, an extra 20% if you get the sales, plus 10% from referrals for other sites... all residual, paid monthly.

  • Easy to Manage - We handle site hosting & maintenance, sponsor signup & payments, and bookkeeping.

  • Easy to Market - You are the "Face of Your Community" and connect at in person events. We help you with regional marketing, content and sales.

  • The sites have home searches, local news, events, and businesses. It is a great resource for residents with community docs, local utilities, schools, medical facilities, and key contacts.

Home Directory & App

The network includes the national Home Directory & App to provide additional resources and national exposure. The directory has communities, business listings, home events, and deals. The mobile app to connects visitors to local communities and businesses.

  • Home-Directory is an easy to search and use "Yelp-like" directory with communities, listing and reviews.

  • Businesses listed on the community sites are added to the Home Directory and app as part of the sponsor package.

  • The mobile app has geosearching so users can find businesses based on their location, or look in other regions.

  • Special deals, classified ads, news, and events can be added to the directory in association with your directory.

Unlimited Potential

Limited Opportunity!

There is unlimited potential and growth possible with the community sites and the Home Directory. There will only be ONE site per community. It is on a first come basis and prices will only go up as we drive traffic to existing sites.

Prices range from $750 - $1500 a month depending on location, sponsor income, and community size, but in launch areas we do have specials and discounts available.



How To Get Started

STEP 1: If You Need More Information Before We Talk, Watch The Additional Videos

We cover a great deal in the video series about the community/ies sites, how they can help your community and make money. Checkout the YouTube playlist:

STEP 2: Schedule A Call For a "Mutual Interview"

We want to make sure we answer your questions and that this is a good fit for both of us.

STEP 3: Sign The Agreement & Pay The Invoice

We will send you over a one-year lease agreement for the site you selected during the interview. Once it is signed, we send you a subscription invoice for the monthly payments. Once that is done we get started on your community site.

STEP 4: We Prepare The Community Site For You

If we are starting your site from scratch, it can take us up to 30 days to create the site, add content, and get the social media setup for the community. If you are leasing an existing site, it usually takes less than a week turn it over to you. During the setup time we will have a short orientation and provide you with training on how to use the site. You will also get access to our private group to chat with others who have sites.

Who We Are

Home Directory Network is a division of Synergy Business Network Inc.

Home Directory Network is register in Florida as a division of Synergy Business Network Inc. It is run by Tanya & Sianna Eldert.

We are a small woman-owned Mother-Daughter marketing company! Tanya Eldert started the marketing agency in the early 2000s when Sianna was born to be a work-from-home, homeschool mom.

When Sianna was 10 they launched Local Kids, which went national with local sites. A few years later, they moved to Florida Tanya got her real estate license and her focus became real estate. When Sianna was, 13 she became chronically ill with dysautonomia and several other conditions. Tanya pivoted her career to work more from home again. Over the next few years she was a broker to over 100 agents, a licensed instructor and opened a real estate school, and then revitalized her marketing company.

In 2022, Sianna graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelors Degree in Media Communications and joined Tanya full-time in the business.

Together Tanya and Sianna have not only the years of experience; but also a fresh prospective about today's media, technology, and communications.

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